Parts Inventory

Canadian Antique Stoves is a specialty business dealing with solid fuel (Coal and Wood) stoves produced from 1900 to 1950.

Canadian Antique Stoves has about 25 tons of parts, mostly from the Canadian manufacturers listed below. Pricing for original parts is comparable to foundry castings, usually FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00) and up.

WARNING: the odds are pretty slim I have the part you need. The odds are even slimmer that I will have two of them, which is necessary before I will sell one.My first priority with parts is to ensure that I will have a pattern to be able to cast more parts.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not deal in electric, oil or gas stove parts.

Here are some of the Canadian Manufacturers for whom I have a sizeable parts inventory:

– Albion Iron Works, Victoria, British Columbia
– Buck’s Stoveworks (The William Buck Stove Co.), Brantford, Ontario
– Burrow, Stewart & Milne, Hamilton, Ontario
– Clare Bros. & Co., Preston, Ontario
– Copp Bros. Co., Hamilton, Ontario
– Thomas Davidson Mfg. Co., Montreal, Quebec
– T. Eaton Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ontario
– Enterprise Foundry Co., Sackville, New Brunswick
– Fawcett (Charles Fawcett Ltd. or Enheat), Sackville, New Brunswick
– Findlay Bros., Carleton Place, Ontario
– E. & C. Gurney, Hamilton, Ontario
– Gurney Foundry, Toronto, Ontario
– Gurney Tilden Mfg. Co., Hamilton, Ontario
– McClary Mfg. Co. (McClary’s), London, Ontario
– Moffat Stove Co., Weston, Ontario
– D. Moore & Co., Hamilton, Ontario
– James Smart Mfg., Brockville, Ontario
– James Stewart & Co., Woodstock, Ontario
– Wrought Iron Range Co. (Home Comfort), Toronto, Ontario

The “appliance archaeologist” on one of many digs at Coal Creek, BC, 1981
Abandoned townsites are a source of many parts.

Here are some of the American Manufactures  who marketed products in Canada. These are mostly cooking stoves such as ‘Steel Ranges’.

– Fuller Warren Co. “Stewart” brand
– Quick Meal Ranges. St. Louis, Mo. 1920+-
– Monarch Malleable Ranges
– Majestic Mfg. Co. “ The Great Majestic” Ranges
– Round Oak Stoves and Ranges 1910-1925+-
– South Bend Malleable Ranges 1915+-
– Wrought Iron Range Co. (See Canadian Mfgs above) 1900-1920+-